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It is the mission of RAP Nation – Institute of Basketball to educate, mentor and coach the complete person. It is recognized that participation in our programs contributes a great deal to the student-athlete’s overall educational experience by teaching leadership, teamwork, sacrifice, and the ethical behavior necessary to succeed in the world in which we live. Success is measured not only by wins, but also by the development of skill, the cultivation of team and community spirit, and the ability to develop a productive academic, social, spiritual, and personal life.

The goal of the program is to provide an educational environment which fosters teamwork, collaboration, discipline, respect, personal responsibility, and sportsmanship. RAP Nation – Institute of Basketball is committed to the full integration of athletics into the core of higher education and to the values of cultural diversity and gender equity. The priority for the program as a whole is to help student-athletes reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential through their overall experience within the RAP Nation – Institute of Basketball programs.

The focus of our program isn't simply to win games - it is to develop players. Every year, RAP Nation alumni go on to play in the college and professional ranks because of the development they experienced and the work they put in as a part of our program. Our player development focus is making you the best basketball player you can be.


Our coaches are seasoned vets who have played and coached at the high school, college and professional levels for years. You will not find a higher level of instruction or training.

Our tournament directors are seasoned vets who understand the importance of competition. You will not find a higher level of organization.

Our elite teams play on the NY2LA & GNBA circuits and travel nationally. Locally, we participate in the highest level of competition. We are committed to giving our athletes the greatest level of exposure to college scouts and high level competition. Our network and connections into the world of college and professional basketball is vast, and we do all we can to ensure our athletes have every opportunity to take their games as far as they can go.

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