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Small group Workouts; academy workouts focus on accelerating individual basketball skills by meeting 2-3 times per week during a 4-6 week period.  The workouts consist of 6-12 players of similar ability. The skillz coach will offer detailed attention to the individual player to achieve maximum results and progression to an elite level.


Large group Workouts;  LAB workouts will prepare student athletes for the demands of their upcoming high school season by working alongside and competing with some of the top athletes in the Milwaukee area.  These workouts are INVITE ONLY and focus on skills, game actions and situation I.Q. development followed by 30-45 minutes of structured, highly competitive scrimmages.


High/Youth School Team or Club Team Workouts; squad workouts are dynamic, progressive and customized to fit your program’s needs.  Our trainers will travel to your Program, work with your athletes and focus on what you need.



All of our programs work on the basketball RAPskillz fundamentals:

  • Play the game low to high
  • Drive by action
  • Attack mentality
  • Perfect Feet, Perfect Follow Through
  • Pound Dribble
  • Shoulders Game “Live Low
  • Pro Fakes
  • Universal Release
  • Basketball RAP IQ