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RAP Parent

2014 Summer Academy

"Trevor approached me on the last day of camp and asked if I had worked with my son Michael on his jump. He complimented me on his form. I had worked with Michael on several occasions though it hadn't improved to where we wanted it to be. The credit for his improvement goes to Trevor. After just one session, Michael completely altered his shot based on Trevor's recommendations. The results have been terrific. Basketball RAP Academy was just what we were looking for."

Julie Hahm

Greendale High School Girls Varsity Coach

"I have seen the benefits of the players doing the RAP program in several different ways.  The first is in our player’s ability to drive to the basket. They are more confident handling the ball and have learned different skills to get them by their defense.  Second is on the press break. It is amazing the difference that having several players with strong ball- handling abilities has made. Their increased skills lead to increased confidence which leads to increase poise which leads to the ability to break many presses. The RAP trainers do an excellent job at teaching the skills of the game of basketball. They break down the footwork, the hand placement and focus on all the details so that the players can build their skills.  Even after just one summer of sessions, the progress is evident in our players. They enjoyed the intense, small group sessions. I would recommend the program over any camp."

RAP Parent

2013 Fall Academy

"We most definitely would like to do RAP again in spring when the season is over and in the summer.  Terrific program!!"

RAP Parent

5th Grade

"I love how you stress the fundamentals and skill development, and also bringing in the mental aspect of the game from the start."

RAP Parent

"We had our first training session last night with Anthony and this was the first experience we had with that as we did not get the training last year. I just wanted to say what a great job he did, I was impressed and so where the parents that came back to see what it was about.  I thought the entire hour was good both mentally and physically."

RAP Parent

"Our son, Nate, from the 7th grade team, really enjoyed Anthony and the skills work from the Academy work. Good stuff. Thanks for doing it as part of our AAU program with the RAP."

RAP Parent

"I wanted to thank you for this opportunity; since Thursday's practice, all Emily has been doing is practicing the two-ball dribbling drills. I seriously prayed hard to God to find a program for her that would teach her the right way to play. I was so impressed with your program!"

RAP Parent

"I wanted to let you know that we have been very happy with the camp based on the first week!  Trevor is great with the kids, and is really good at pushing them to excel at the highest level that they each can attain."

RAP Parent

"I truly like Trevor’s coaching philosophy and inter action with the kids, very impressed up to this point.  Look forward to the remainder of the sessions."

RAP Parent

"My son joined this program with little basketball experience and an intense love for the game.  He was always a good player but he wanted to be better. It was amazing to watch my son's fundamental basketball skills sharpen after every class.  I can't say enough about the coach. (Trevor Cook) His highly disciplined, yet fun approach kept my son looking forward to each class.  We will definitely do this again!"

RAP Player

"My favorite part of Basketball RAP would be the double ball dribbles because each week it would be easier to control the ball. To me this reflected my ball handling progress and it proved I was progressing week by week. Seeing the progress made me happy and it made me want to go out and practice to get better and better."

RAP Player

"Basketball RAP really works and it makes you want to go out and play basketball more to get even better…Basketball Rap is a true motivator."

RAP Parent

"To work on fundamentals is imperative in all disciplines. When you combine experts teaching the fundamentals with weekly drills you get one of the best ways to improve."

RAP Player

"If everyone did Basketball RAP we would become a better team"

RAP Player

"Basketball RAP is something that we have been looking for, its a great way to not only improve players skills but their strength and knowledge."

RAP Parent

"The short term gains are good but the long term effects are great."



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Ripon College

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Davenport University

University of Massachusetts Lowell

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University of New Hampshire

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

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Mendocino College

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