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GANON BAKER - Nike Skill Development Trainer and Workout Director

 "I like everything the RAP coaches are doing. I had them at my Coaching Class, and their was instant respect, and synergy between us. I put my stamp of approval to their Growth in the Game of Basketball and life!" 

Sandy Brondello

Sandy Brondello – Head Coach/WP of Player Personnel at Phoenix Mercury

"Trevor Cook is an experienced, knowledgeable and hard-working coach who prides himself on developing players of every age the fundamentals of the game.  His passion is contagious and his goal is always to help you be the best player you can be!  He is very detail orientated and is a great teacher of the game and its fundamentals.  He simplifies and explains the why, when and how to do each specific skill.  As a former professional player of 18 years, his coaching from a young age helped me develop the fundamentals of the game to compete with the best in the world. I highly recommend anyone seeking to be a better player to attend the Rapid Acceleration Program and be coached by Trevor and the other great coaches on staff."


NATHAN JAWAI - (Former) NBA Minnesota Timberwolves

 Scott and I played overseas together. He was the point guard for our team, and our leader on the floor. He has an exceptional understanding and incredible vision of the game. Scotts experience playing professional and his point guard mentality will be invaluable to any developing player. 

Maurice “BO” ELLIS

Maurice “BO” ELLIS - NCAA Division I Coach Marquette University - Assistant Coach 1993-1997 Chicago State University - Head Coach 1998-2002

Anthonys knowledge for the game of basketball has made him successful throughout his career. He posses very good ball handling and passing skills, excellent mechanics in shooting and understands the importance of conditioning that the body needs to be successful at the collegiate level. Anthony possesses superb basketball fundamentals, an eagerness to learn and an ambition to get better every day. I truly believe that Anthonys experiences along with his passion make him a tremendous teacher of the game.  

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Paul Peck - NAIA Division I Coach (Lindsey Wilson College) 

I have never coached a young man that understood the game as well as Scott Cook does. I am confident that he will use his basketball knowledge to coach young players better than anyone I can think of in the whole USAHe will truly be a great teacher and you will be lucky to have him teach you his knowledge and understanding of the game.

Coach Paul Peck named NAIA Coach of the Year!

Pat Miler

Pat Miller - NCAA Division III Coach (WI Whitewater)

Anthony has an exceptional knowledge of basketball; he understands technical & fundamental elements that are essential to develop a successful player. Anthony possesses excellent work ethic, great character and the ability to communicate effectively; all of the ingredients which make him an outstanding teacher of the game.

Finalist for 2012 John McLendon Award and 2012 Glenn Robinson D-III Coach of the Year award

Ron Carling

Ron Carling - NCAA Division I Assistant Coach Southern Utah University

40 years as high school and college coach

2 Time Utah High School State Champion

Head Coach USA Junior National Team

Asst. Coach USA Junior National Team - World Youth Games

Director of Coaching - Australia

AAU Junior Boys Commissioner

Trevor Cook is the best teacher of fundamental skills I have ever seen. He is very good with kids and is an excellent teacher of basketball and life skills. Time spent with Trevor can only benefit a young and aspiring athlete."

Jack Bennett

Jack Bennett - Back-to-Back NCAA DIII National Champions, UWSP

Anthony Mlachnik comes from a family and background that appreciates sound basketball. His varied experience at different levels of collegiate basketball provide him with a unique perspective on what it takes to play this game the right way. He's an effective communicator and a student of the game. In an age when basketball is sometimes over-coached and under-taught, Anthony will teach the skills that will allow young players a fighting chance to reach their potential.

Marty Rowe

Marty Rowe - NAIA Division I Coach (Lee University)

"Ive known Scott for over 10 years and have the utmost respect for him as a player and now as a trainer. The RAP system works, repetition is the key to developing skill. Ive been a college head coach for 16 years and repetition is a major component to our success. If you want to develop as a player and learn to do things correctly I highly recommend checking out RAP Basketball."